Tuesday, January 1, 2013

All Blogs Go to Heaven

As of January 2013, all Model Stranger related blogs, including our back catolog have been transfered to www.modelstranger.com. Thanks to everyone that enjoyed our blogs during our stay on Blogger.

Just remember that, All Blogs Go to Heaven.

Model Stranger Official Blog now located HERE

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Surfin' Sandy: Day 10 - Macomb, IL

There I was, half naked on stage again. My shirt had come off and I had a slight headache. I thought maybe I was hungover from Friday in St. Louis but I think I forgot to drink coffee. A cute girl in the front of the crowd asked me what I'd do for $10.. The possibilities were endless. Ol' Blue was getting such questionable gas mileage this run I figured I'd take what I could for cheap tricks. I should have asked someone for Advil but I wasn't in the mood to be personal.

That's where the energy was in the Cafe this evening. There was a recklessness and careless feeling throughout the room. Propositions would be made, some were obliged. The trusting kind we are.

We had started our day in St. Louis and decided to stop in Alton, IL at a Cajun restaurant. We had Bloody Mary's. I wish they tasted as good as they looked.

Vincent Joseph toast Kevin and I to a great run.

We rolled into Macomb and met our old friend Doug for dinner and drinks at Magnolia's. Doug would later open this show for under the name NARP. Doug is formerly of  "Henderson". He took the trip from Indianapolis to come loosen up the crowd for us.

"NARP". Real Deal Holyfield.

He was truly a one man show this evening. He played to a backing track he recorded at home. He played drums live and sang. It was a lot of fun watching him do his thing.

We steamrolled through all three sets, playing new numbers and crowd favorites. Opted on playing any slow numbers as I fear we may have been booed if we should the slightest shift from our abandon. The show was eclipsed by me stabbing my guitar multiple times through a floor Tom. After the first two puncture wounds, the drum fell over in defeat. An excited fan ran to the stage and grabbed the drum to hold it for me so I could continue my massacre. It wasn't until after the show that I realized how close I must've come to smashing them in the face with the body of my Telecaster.

Thankfully no one was hurt but I did quite a number on the drum and later found a tuning peg from my guitar bouncing around the shell.

Weak Sword.

Better off Dead.

It was good to come to a familiar place to finish the tour.

Back into the studio we shall go.

Thanks for Reading.

Stephen Francis

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Surfin' Sandy Tour - Day 9: St. Louis, MO @ The Crack Fox: 11/09/12

St. Louis has been a growing market of ours for almost two years now. We have never encountered foul people here, but this is based on the few kind souls we have collided with during our travels. This time around we had a much better/denser crowd and still the sweetness was in the air.

The Crack Fox is a really hip joint with some of the sweetest staff you'll ever find in downtown St. Louis. Remarkable still shots cover the walls; any pictures I could have taken would not do them justice. All the stills are in a burlesque-vain with beautiful women in beautiful poses; creates a great atmosphere for Rock n' Roll... and rock we did.

We were the last of 3 bands and seemed to capture the crowd quite well (Where's The Chief? and Living Room Lava were the first two)... but to be completely honest I did not notice the crowd while we were playing. It was just one of those majestic nights where I could feel the music through my bones and the band was all on the same page; speaking through our instruments and completely one with what we were producing. Stephen had a great solo during, "Balance" and we shared a great push-pull momentum during that outro. Kevin and I were a completely synced rhythm-section laying the ground work for the set which consisted of a lot of our darker, Stranger, tunes. It seems we pour our souls into every set we play, this one was just plain evidence of that concept.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Surfin’ Sandy Tour – Day 8: Indianapolis, IN @ The Rock House – 11/8

Indianapolis is our home away from Chicago.  Lazy Hawk Promotions has done so much for us there and we cannot thank them enough.  This was another show that Will and Bebe from LHP helped us out with since the venue doesn’t typically have bands on Thursday nights.  We’ve played at The Rock House before and they treat us very well.  This show was no different except we played a longer set than our fans are used to seeing there so they got to hear some deeper cuts as well as covers that we got to pull out for fun.  After catching up with some fans as well as making new ones and selling some merchandise we loaded out and took off.  Will and Bebe let us crash at their place so we got a good night’s rest and had some lunch with their family before heading off to St. Louis.